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Radish: The Robotics Data Set Repository

Standard data sets for the robotics community


22 May 2009
David Ribas has uploaded an underwater data set with imaging sonar data.
28 Jan 2007
A collection of open-source SLAM packages is now available at the OpenSLAM web-site.
24 Feb 2004
Some users have noted problems downloading with files containing a ".map" extentions; these have been renamed to ".cmf" to avoid conflicts.
6 Nov 2003
Cyrill Stachniss from Freiburg has added an autonomous exploration data set.
2 Sep 2003
A data set for the Claxton CS building at UTK has been added. Thanks to Michael Bailey for this one.
1 Jun 2003
Our first WiFi signal-strength data set has been added, for the USC SAL building. The data set includes ground truth pose estimates.
1 Jun 2003
Two new data sets have been added: the first is from the Intel Lab in Hillsboro, Oregon (thanks to Maxim Batalin) and the second is from the California Science Center (a big environment).
12 May 2003
Radish web-site goes live.

The Robotics Data Set Repository (Radish for short) provides a collection of standard robotics data sets. Contained here-in you will find:

  • Logs of odometry, laser and sonar data taken from real robots.
  • Logs of all sorts of sensor data taken from simulated robots.
  • Environment maps generated by robots.
  • Environment maps generated by hand (i.e., re-touched floor-plans).
By making these data sets available to the community, we aim to facilitate the development, evaluation and comparison of robotics algorithms. While the current focus is clearly on localization and mapping, we expect that Radish will ultimately expand to reflect the interests of the broader robotics community.

Radish is a community effort. Researchers are invited to download and make use of the data sets contained here-in, and, in return, to make their own contributions to the repository.

Good data sets are too precious to keep to ourselves!

Using Data Sets from Radish

Data Sets are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence: the licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. In return, licensees must give the original author credit.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

By way of attribution, please include the following acknowledgement and citation for any results published using data from this repository. Replace [provider] by the name of the individual who provided the data set you used.

    This data set was obtained from the Robotics Data Set
    Repository (Radish)~\cite{Radish}. Thanks go to [provider]
    for providing this data.
    author = "Andrew Howard and Nicholas Roy", 
    year = "2003",
    title = "The Robotics Data Set Repository (Radish)",
    url = "http://radish.sourceforge.net/",

Submitting Data Sets to Radish

New data sets can be submitted through the submissions page. Note that all submissions will be veted by site admin before being added to the main list; the vetting process usually takes a day or two.

A Note to Netscape 4 Users

The Radish website does not render very well in Netscape 4 (due to the use of HTML4 and CSS, I suspect). We are working to rectify in the problem, but in the meantime, I suggest using either Mozilla, Opera, MSIE, Safari, Galeon or Konqueror.

Mailing Lists

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Please report problems to Andrew Howard or Nick Roy.